Dismiss/Return initial view - work on AG legend but don’t on AppGyver iOS app

Hello everyone,

I have noticed different auth functions behaviour on iOS preview apps: AppGyver and AG legend, I mean functions Dismiss initial view and Return to initial view

Everything is ok for me on legend app, but AppGyver app doesn’t open respective pages and I don’t know where to search for a prpblem

Is this good or bad and where to dig?)

I haven’t built testflight yet, just using ios preview apps now.


Can you explained more on your flow? It happened to me but I managed to figure it out.

Hello @IAS_Valley_Secretary my setup is following:

  • Created pages: “Welcome (login1)”, “Login2”, “Login3”, “Main page”
  • Auth turned on, initial page = “Welcome (login1)”
  • Navigation header bar and menu enabled = “no”, start page = “Main page”

Here is my logic for Returning to initial view - while being on main page (having already dismissed initial view), tapping on “exit” button I am deleting user auth record in local storage (which I use on launch and afterwards to check if user is authorised) and call “return to initial view” function. AG legend returns me back on Welcome page, but AppGyver wouldn’t

Here is AG legend app behavior:

And here is AppGyver app behaviour:

Where is my mistake?)

I think I’ve got it but don’t know how to deal with it

I’ve discovered Advanced property Show spinner on welcome page load turned “on”, swtched it off and finally both apps began returning to Welcome page

BUT after return to welcome page AppGyver doen’t trigger event “Page focused” where all my logic runs)) (AG legend does)

Will be now trying to figure out how to trigger logic after return

Final conclusion fo today:

  1. Function “Dismiss initial view” works fine when I trigger it being on the initial view page and do all auth logic on this page. When I had additional pages with Advanced property “Allow page to be opened without authentication” switched on - function dismiss even fired from the initial page was opening one of these pages and I’ve never been able to find out why :neutral_face:

  2. Function “Return to initial view” works fine when I trigger it from Main page (only have it now, but maybe it will work from other auth-opened pages) and doesn’t work from login pages, what exactly is indicated in the manual :slight_smile:

Difference between AG legend and AppGyver preview apps on iOS is in events triggered when one of these functions run - ag does initiate logic from Page focused event, AppGyver doesn’t. So I changed back to Page mounted event and everything is ok now

Thanks anyway)) hope my conclusions will be useful to other junior visitors