Dismissed initial view does not working

My apps does not redirect to dashboard page right after I click login.

As you can see the video below, the auth token already generate which means the appgyver preview received the token. The token and all inputs already saved in local storage.

You can see at the bottom of the viewport, a toast “before dismissed initial view” but it does not redirect to my dashboard. I set dashboard as my home in navigation menu.

However, when I re-enter my apps in appgyver preview, the apps open up my dashboard page.

This is my flow:

Hi, did you get the initial view at login to work?

I set the login page as initial view in appgyver auth tab and set my dashboard page as start page in appgyver navigation tab.

Inside that login page, if the auth code is present, it will dismissed initial view.

If the auth code is absent, it will stay at login page. Dismissed initial view works if user choose to login.

However it does not work if the user choose to register. I replace login page to registeration page. I saved the auth code in app var. Once successfully registered, the page will be replaced to edit profile page. Once completed, it will be dismissed initial view.

Hi, I would do it like this in the case of registration

  • Set “Allow page to be opened without authentication” to true to the pages you want to show in initial view (register, edit profile)

  • Use “open page” to open registration and edit profile pages in initial view

  • Dismiss initial view

I found that toast spot navigation. Try deleting the toast

I’m also having this problem, but only for new user registration. “Dismiss initial view” works for a registered user in the log-in page. There also seems to be a difference between the app preview and the released / built code.

I’m using user authentication and only the login and registration screens are allowed to be accessed without authentication. Navigation is enabled and functioning.

After registration, a user can login by going to the login screen but the “Dismiss initial view” function does not take them there. They are suck on the registration screen.

(App ID: 369407)

The odd thing is that it works differently between the web-preview, the preview thru the Appgyver app (on the cell phone) and my released build on Google Play store.

In what I think is the most proper configuration:

App Preview Portal and on Appgyver App: SUCCESS
After the user sets up an account, hits submit, the auth token is returned and then “dismiss initial view” is called, it dismisses the initial view and goes to the defined “HOME” page.

Built/Released Code: FAILS
After the user sets up an account, hits submit, the auth token is returned and then “dismiss initial view” is called, it goes right back into the “Create Account” page. (I am using navigation and have defined a “home” page to go to after the user is authenticated"). The user can not escape and needs to exit the program. Upon existing the program, they can login with their new user name and password. I have attempted to change FROM “dismiss initial view” TO “Navigation: Login Page”. In this situation, after the user creates their account, they go to the login page, the login, and then they are returned to the “Create Account” page. In the App Preview Portal, this process works and the login goes to the home screen, not the “Create Account” screen.

I have the same problem on the iOS and Android releases. Debugging is difficult because I can’t seem to recreate the problem.