Display a Facebook Page content (?)

I want to make a facebook page feed screen. The idea is that i have a page on facebook that acts like a news feed, and i want to pull that content from facebook and display it on my app just like I pull data from airtable.
(I could do it with airtable but why do it since we post on facebook with images and texts and links etc).
I read about Graph API but my knowledge is limited and can’t seem to get it done.
(Making airtable databases work was a huge win for me :laughing: )
I tried the web view component but it is ugly as hell and almost half screen is blocked by sign in prompt.
How can i integrate Graph API into Appgyver?
Thank in advance


I’m not super sure if Graph API will work without the corresponding Facebook SDK (which will require third party plugin support which we are working on but don’t have ready yet)… But you can try?

Looking at this and the CURL provided, you can make a HTTP request to the API using the HTTP request node. Or maybe if there’s a relevant resource that would work, you might use a REST API type data resource.

However, looks like you will need to do a facebook login either via webview or open URL. Open URL might require a redirect back into the app – this would mean you would need to make a distribution build from build service with a custom URL scheme. You can’t get a user’s data without them logging in and approving that you’re allowed to access their data :slight_smile:

Hi Mevi, i read about Graph api, i created a facebook developer account, read about links, tokens, authentication but that seemed too much for me to tell you the truth. It was quite complicated for just a facebook feed.
My workaround (for anyone interested) was to make a database in airtable, insert the relevant data there (photos, title and description) and pull that into my app so i can have a ‘news facebook-like feed’.
Saying that, i would like to know how can i split all that data into pages of 10 posts? So the 2nd page shows posts 11-20, etc etc.
(I have asked this question before, sorry if I’m repeating myself but i cant seem to find a solution)

Hi! Would you like to do the paginating on client side or that you would get data in 10 post chunks? The latter is something that is required of the backend (paginating and offset, not sure about airtable support). On the client (Composer) side, hmm :thinking: You’d need to manage the state on the page by having page/app variables that store the information of which data items to show. There are a lot of ways this could be implemented, but roughly so:

  • data variable Posts with all the data
  • page variable current_page with the index of the current page
  • using SELECT formula, repeat the posts for the correct page (use e.g. INDEX_OF with the knowledge of the size of the pages and current_page) NOTE: at the moment when using formula in repeat you can’t edit any of the information at the moment. If that’s ok, go ahead, if not, have a data variable with only the current page’s posts
  • have forward/backward buttons/icons that increase/decrease current_page (remember to put checks that current_page can’t become too small/big)
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Hey Mevi, thanks for taking the time to reply. This is a bit advanced for me atm. Maybe at another moment when i get more familiar with composer and formulas.
…or when a video tutorial becomes available :sweat_smile:

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