Display text (Title/Paragraph) is not updating

Hi, it’s a simple app but my display text is not updating even after my data variable changed. The text is binded to the variable, the variable changes but the text not.
I using the web to launch the app.


Hmm this might be due to that text components want text type content, and you’re changing nC to a number. Try binding the text to the component with a formula STRING(data.myData1.nc) , maybe that would work?

Same problem, it’s not updating in real time, just after the page is updated.

The problem is in “Update Record block” using Record Properties as ‘Object with Properties’, the block save the new values but it doesn’t update the screen, if I put a set variable block before it and bind the record properties to that variable instead an object, it works. It’s very confusing…

Ah I see! Yes you need to use Set data variable to update the data variable, if you want to show the updated values. When the page is opened, the data variable is fetched, but it is not automatically updated, unless the delay node is used. So this kind of setup keeps updating the data variable as long as the page is open:

While this one fetches the data once, and doesn’t update it again.

However if you are binding the data variable properties to input fields in hopes of updating the record, you’ll have to use the second option, otherwise this loop will keep running and discard anything you write in the inputs.

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Now I get it, the Data Variable doesn’t work directly to the database, it’s like a buffer to the data.

Exactly! The data variable just stores a snapshot of the data as it was when you fetched it. To update it you’ll need to keep updating the data variable :slight_smile: