Displaying images in list from Restdb.io

Hi there, I’m all setup in restdb as my backend. I’m have a tough time retrieving images from the database. Each record has an image that I am using to link to the details of the record. I have tried binding it with different methods. When I look at the schema, the image field is an array. Because of that i tried to use a formula as such “https://mcmeats-xxxx.restdb.io/media/” + current.packimage[0]. What I am trying to attain is in the picture


BTW Great platform. Lots to learn

Hi @Ted_Jones,

I had the same issue for a long time.

Can you put “https://mcmeats-xxxx.restdb.io/media/” + (your image id) into goggle as see the picture? If you can see the image in google then try and put the same information into the “image source” in Appgyver and see if the image appear in the Appgyver app.

Also, are you using the free plan at Restdb.io? They have recently changed settings so images in Appgyver only comes through on the paid plans.


Hi Dan, thanks for the speedy reply contrary to the disclaimer above. Yes, when I put the above and all is good. I get what is in the image below. Ignore the fact that it is in twice, I was experimenting. I was not aware of the free plan image issue.

Edit…I just looked at restdb. I don’t see mention of the image issue. Perhaps charging even 5/month would help fund things you need.

Hi @Ted_Jones

Yes, your are right, they don’t mention the image issue and it took me a long time to figure out why my images suddenly stopped showing in my app. :frowning_face: Due to a security issue they changed this roughly 2 months ago.

There is a way around it, but not an option for me. (To serve public content you either need a paid plan or a registered DNS domain that you own/control).

Text still works fine but not sadly not images. I think this might be your issue rather than something you are doing wrong.

Ok I will contact them. Unfortunately I would use firebase or fire store I mean, however I don’t know how to link an image to a document so that when I click on one of the images like in the picture above it takes me to the particular document showing the details.

If your data/document is also stored in the database, you would do that by sending the current id as a paramenter to the next page.

Sorry Dan, i miscoveyed my point. What I meant was firestore, from what I see has no direct way of adding an image field to a document. It appears that the images are tied to the storage bucket. I’m not seeing how firestore links that image to the relative document. I suppose I could just upload the images and manually call a document by I’d, but that seems counter intuitive. By the way, I do understand your reply.

I switched to Airtable and all is well.