Displaying on web app image picked from library


I would like to see a preview of the image before it is uploaded online.

I am using the component “Pick image from library” which outputs path to image. On Android app I used this path directly as a source to display images. On web app the returned path is “blob:https://preview.appgyverapp.com/UUIDstring”, I have tried using this string as image source but it displays nothing. What is the right approach?

It should work, we’ll have to see if it’s a bug – if you paste the blob:https://preview.appgyverapp.com/UUIDstring URL directly into the browser, is there any data there?

Pasting the “blob:http…” to browser, does display the image. I am also able to upload that image OK. It just does not shows up inside the Image element.

Does the image element show some other image from the web in it? Could be some bug with the dimensions; try setting explicit dimensions for the image?

It shows nothing inside the image element. I cannot set dimensions of the image upfront as I don’t know what will be size of the image that will be selected. Again this happens only on webapp, Android version works fine.

Just to update this thread – could this be the issue? https://tracker.appgyver.com/bug-reports/p/web-runtime-sometimes-tries-to-download-an-image-via-http-instead-of-https