Displaying scan barcode number in an input field

I have an input field and a button.
I use the button to trigger the barcode scanner. How can I make the barcode appear in the input field.

In the button component, I have used Scan Barcode —>Get Record—>Variable.
I have set the value of the input field to the variable but nothing shows up.

any guide?

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In the logic for the button that activates the scanner, try this:

If you look at the outputs for the scanner, there are 3 - port 1 (top) is the scanned code, 2 is blank for some reason, port 3 is any error message.

In the logic shown, port 1 goes to a page variable - the result of the scan goes into there.

Any UI element (text field, or even the button label that launched the scanner in the first place) can be set to that page variable, so when a scan happens, the text will be shown there automatically.

Note that in the scanner, you have to select the correct type of bar code encoding.

If this is set incorrectly for whatever type of bar code you are scanning, the result will be an empty value which could look like “nothing shows up”.


Ciao ragazzi. Ho questo problema. Non compare la scelta “OUTPUTS AT PORT 3”. ( vedi foto 1 ) Arriva il segnale della scansione, ma non compare il codice ( vedi foto 2 ) .
Forse è un problema banale, mi potete aiutare ? Grazie. Qualsiasi suggerimento è ben accettato. Claudio.