Displaying videos in Appgyver

I hope everyone here is doing well. I’ve read through the forum to find a meaningful solution for video in Appgyver. This program is beautifully designed, fun to use, and exceptionally logical in its function. But it’s the only platform without a dedicated video component. This is a Very unfortunate thing. I never even realized until I almost completed my front end development as I just assumed it existed.

The WebView component would be a valid alternative but it always displays the video as though it were on a desktop, never displaying mobile controls on any video player. This is not an issue I’ve had anywhere else and wounder if anyone has gotten around this or if there is a solution provided by Appgyver. The HTML component doesn’t work at all with video embeds.


Have you tried the Open Video Player flow function? I dont know if that’s how you want to display videos, it uses the native video player app of the device.

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately i need the videos to play inline, much like Youtube or other media apps. I have found a workaround to do this by doing some clever positioning with the Webview component and direct URLs.
It’s not perfect but it’s a sufficient interim solutions.

Hello @Brenton_Richards. I’m having this same problem! Can you share how you solved this?

You might be able to use the html module to put in a unique div with a unique funky class name that you can then search for and replace in the build package. Not sure if that will work though lol