DNS CNAME for web build on <app name>.appgyverapp.com?


is it possible to add custom domain name into web build so if CNAME redirect happens, HTTP request is accepted by AWS Cloudfront where appgyverapp.com is running?

Adding just a CNAME is not enough because AWS rejects request for URL not provisioned in the app.

I can download the web build and upload it on my own hosting of course but that seems like unnecessary extra steps, doesn’t it?


Configuring custom domains is currently unavailable, but is planned:

In the mean time, you can use Amazon CloudFront or Cloudflare to do this. There are more services mentioned on the tracker as well.

Better and easier to implement it as a subdomain, ie app.yourdomain.com.

This causes no complications with AWS, Appgyver.

Personally, for a production app, I would want it on my own domain, under my own control. Appgyver is a dev system, not focused on 99.999% uptime. Just download it at your major build points. It takes like 5 minutes to drop a new zipped copy onto your hosting.