Do Android apps support sharing?

Do the apps created with Composer support the native system sharing features, at least on Android? I haven’t found any relevant references to sharing in the documentation.

We’ve had this API included for a while now, but haven’t yet had the time to release it as a flow function. I’ll try to get to that next week!

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@PaoloAmoroso native share (albeit a bit rudimentary, implementing full is on the backlog) is now available with

Much appreciate, thanks. Are you planning to support also image sharing?

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Yeah, that should be straightforward once get the new plugin implemented.

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@Harri_Sarsa I can’t find the Open native share dialog action

Looks like something wonky going on, we’ll investigate – in the meantime, you can find it with the share token XAfsucWE8wJjDyV7OWZkrw (paste it into marketplace search).