Do I have to define resource for every endpoint in same REST API?

I have an API here:, with different endpoints/paths for different data.

I end up creating a different data resource for each endpoint … is that what I have to do? This is unlike OData where I have a single data resource with multiple entities.

I think so if you use the built-in Data configurator, or it might be worth your while to look into using ‘HTTP Request’ nodes instead to handle multiple endpoints.

Can you supply some information how to use that for API calls? Examples? Documentation?



Good question. Got similar situation: each table has its own endpoint. Annoyed that we have to fetch the schema for each endpoint.

This might help: Core lessons - Videos

Indeed, I could only reiterate after Do I have to define resource for every endpoint in same REST API? - #2 by JOHN_WORSHAM that the built-in REST API Data Source allows for one single endpoint at a time albeit with http headers, paths and url params. And indeed the built-in HTTP Request function flow is a very powerful construct that may enable you to encapsulate the logic of your MLB API.

The HTTP Request function can do everything and more that the built-in Data Resource configurator can do. For me Its way more flexible especially if you need to use PATCH, or multiple end-points, or flexible schemas. I would recommend looking into it if you are comfortable managing your schemas yourself in App or Page object variables.