Do we need a MacBook to build & deploy IOS apps with Appgyver?

After doing lots of research on cross platform techs such as Flutter, React Native & Xamarin, I finally found out that those platforms still require a MacBook to build, sign off & deploy IOS apps. Does that also apply to Appgyver? Or does Appgyver have XCode integrated inside composer pro & does Appgyver have a apple developer account we van deploy from, so we can build & deploy to IOS store without a MacBook?

You still need a mac.

I use a virtual service,, cheaper than buying one.


A quick Google search says it violates Apples terms.

Can you link the specific condition you are referring to?

It’s saying it’s not legal on Google unless it’s on a Mac. Looks like I will have to focus on Web & Android until I get a Macbook pro.

You have not understood the link I provided.

The service I have suggested is on a Mac. It is a remote mac that is shared.

Hi Phil

This is something I will need to look at I think. I very naively wasted a heap of team trying to do this on a Windows 10 computer. Most recently, I borrowed a friends imac and was able to build but when it came to using the ‘transporter’ to load in App Store Connect, the imac was too old to download the latest, required version.

Anyway, I assume I have done the hard part, is there anything I need to look out for at the App Store Connect stage using this remote service?


Nothing in particular, but follow the instructions for getting the certificate etc rather than jumping ahead. You need to have ongoing access to the MAC or mac service you use for transporter, as it is registered at some stage I recall.

I got there in the end, and my errors were just where I had deviated from the instructions.

A virtual mac service IS A MAC. The fact you remote onto it from a PC is irrelevant. So it doesn´t violate any rules. And anything found on google means very little unless you can link back to the source clause in the Apple agreement.

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I understand it now after more research. I also see that Amazon has a server for mac.

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