Do you guys still have a non working open page function v 1.5.0❓

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Non-functional internal changes for v 1.5.0 :point_down:

Sorry, I’m starting to panic after over 6 months on my project and no positive signs in sight.

Hi, I’m still having the problem.

I also the same :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

It seems be planned, but there’s no solution yet.
I have some projects pending because of it. I hope it will be a solution in short.

Still not fixed. Fingers crossed it will be sorted out soon

I downloaded an older version apk for android. That’s what I’m using in the meantime.

Just the preview is’nt working. When you generate the apk the function works. But the point is: you can test easily the android version.

I just found out that there’s an issue with preview 4.7.X that navigation flows are not working when navigation is disabled – this is fixed in the next 4.8.X release. In the meanwhile to get around this, enable navigation to continue development.


Thanks, any ETA please?

As soon as possible - this issue is in our priority.


i dont like the negativity here. its a free tool, and they are free to prioritize their own commercialization features, rather than worry about what the non-paying users want.
you guys expect a lot.
please tone down the negativity @Fred_Kuzyk

1/ It’s not about what we “want”, it’s about what they claimed, planned, promised.

2/ Expecting a working tool is not “expecting a lot”.

You should check your previous postings which are not positive either…


Dear AppGyver team.

Is there ETA for 4.8.X release?

Thank you