Do you think it would be possible to integrate sth like Jitsi for Video conferencing?

I had the idea to build the possibility of video calls in my app. Do you think that would be possible?
In this doc it is very much self writing and i also don’t know if AppGyver supports sth like this.

You could certainly try this out with the Web View component available from the marketplace :slight_smile:

In slightly more words, if you can have the jitsi embed hosted on a webpage somewhere, then displaying it with the Web View component is quite easy. The more difficult part is if you need to communicate between the app and the web page, but this can also be done at least via url parameters etc.

Thank’s for answer.
I created a button in my app with an input field over it. If you click on it, it creates a call opened in a modal. The problem is that it firstly show an information that you have to download the jitsi app. I don’t want this :sweat_smile:
The next problem is that it is no fullscreen. The Navigation bar at the bottom and the back arrow at the top are there. And it is also not possible to get the app in landscape mode that the video is bigger. Some settings are not shown because of the screen height and i can’t scroll


Other than the WebView (or just opening the (downloaded) jitsi app with a link), there aren’t unfortunately any other solutions until we have third party plugin support, at which point you’d need to find/code a suitable react native plugin for doing this.

Ok, thanks. i already found a react native plugin for that at github. I hope they will be available soon… Have a nice day.

Hi there! I know it’s possible to disable the app download prompt. Don’t have link handy but should be able to find discussion in Jitsi forum.

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Can you please explain a bit about this step?
How did you achieve it?

I didn’t achieved it. I only found this plugin, but for this plugin support is needed so we have to wait for this feature.
The only thing you can try is via WebView, but I didn’t got this to work

Oh ok. Thank You

I saw the comments that this feature is coming very soon now. Lets hope for it.