Doc/tutorial on "Any value" variable type


I’ve been looking for the info on how to use the “Any value” variable type to no avail. Even AppGyver’s doc does not mention much, if at all, about it. Appreciate if anyone can offer some pointers. TIA.


the any type variable can be used with raw json.
e.g. if you are getting data from an api you could directly set a page variable of type “any value” as the output of the http request. Then use the variable as you would a json object.

This gives you more flexibility over the variable and you need not define the data variables.

Thanks for your advice. BTW, any place I can get more info on this topic? TIA, again.

“Any value” means that Composer does not know what type the variable will have in it. You can use it if you don’t know the schema of what you will be getting, but then of course Composer will not be able to suggest any fields within the variable as it does not know its schema, so you’ll have to refer to those manually via formulas.

@Mevi Thanks for the info. Is there any tutorial or sample videos to guide on how to use “Any value”? Just to make sure we are doing it right, and also get the most out of it. TIA.

There aren’t any that I know of. It’s an advanced option that we don’t recommend using, as we recommend doing explicit typing.

@Mevi I can understand where you are coming from. However, given Any Value is a ‘first class citizen’ rather than an undocumented feature, it deserves better documentation, especially when it’s being used officially in some of the flow functions such as Get item from storage. As the matter of fact, it was ‘Get item from storage’ that brought me to this topic.

Just my $0.02.