Documentation improvement suggestion

I think everyone agrees that the documentation is not as good as it could be or it needs to be.

Everyone also knows that the forum will help them get past these inadequacies.

The solution is to migrate the documentation over to a wiki type setup and let the community contribute - which they are doing already!

Appgyver can moderate it of course and approve edits, but at least we wouldn´t be faced with pages that are 2 years out of date, or in case of the IOS build page, just completely inadequate.

How can we make this happen? Its a low cost thing and really needs doing.

If there is no interest from Appgyver, what do people think about just doing it ourselves? I can set it up as a start point - would others update it?

@Marko_Lehtimaki - all of the great new developments that are coming are being undermined by the basic building blocks - ie documentation. This could pull into one place all of the great community guides. Appgyver should not be an exercise in search forums to plug the gaps in the documentation.


I agree, in my case, i rarely use the documentation and mostly searching in the forum, I think this can be done, with as you said moderation of the new content. It will look like the community guides in the forum, but the difference will be that there is much more information and solutions in the forum that is not documented as community guides and all that will be implemented in the documentation.

@Phil_Evans great idea!

We’re currently hiring for a new lead of documentation :slight_smile: