Does anybody know how to build user profile in appgyver?

Hello there,

I need help. I am trying to develop a function where users can build their own profile (e.g, name, email, photo…) just like facebook or instagram profile. However, I can’t seem to find any materials or videos on the internet to get me started. If anybody know any useful resources, please do drop them here.

FYI, I am a beginner in programming.

Thank you so much in advance.

User authentication depends on the database you are using.
What database do you use?


I am using Firebase as the backend. Do you know any video tutorials on how to build user profile, like for the user to edit their own profile and stuff.

Thank you so much for your early respond.

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A video tutorial on sign in/up, auto sign in, password reset and log out is coming probably today…
As for the profile creation its a different topic but thats also on the making.


@Dimos_Vamvourellis, Thank you for your response. Are you going to post the videos on your YouTube channel? Could you send me the link to your channel please?

Hey there, heres my channel,

as for the video, is been a bit late because of its length, but im pretty sure it will be out today


Thank you so much!!! But when do you think you can post the tutorial for building user profile (letting user to build their own profile). Please let me know. Thank you again so much for your response.

here’s the tutorial for the sign in sign up system,

as for the profiles, i dont think it will be ready by next week, but in general, if you see in the video how to make the sign up system, you can add a create record function there to save the values that you want for the profile. the only important thing, is to make sure that the id of the document that you create, is the same as the user id from the sign up api. That way, you will be able to use get record to get the user profile data.
Also, because creating a document with a custom id might be difficult for you, you can just add a field in the profile data document, called user_id and store the user id from sign up there. If you use that way, you will need to use the get record collection function, and filter by id, in order to get the user data in sign in.

As for the sign in, the idea, is that after the user sign in, in the response, there is the user id, which you can use to get the user data with one of the two ways i described above.

I hope this helps you move on with the profile creation


Thank you so much! Your videos are very useful

Hey, thank you so much, im trying my best

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Hi Dismos,
If it’s possible, could you make a video of how to do push notification in appgyver as well? I really need help, and the appgyver’s documentation isn’t so helpful for me.

Thank you so much!

Hey there, its planned…

Hey did you find the solution for the same?

Hey, any Idea when will user profile video will come? Desperate need of the same as no one on the entire internet has made that moreover, I do not understand why people are obsessed with making UI clones when you cant just do the basic stuff first.
Anyway! User Profile Video Long Awaited!!

Hi any Idea when will the video come?