Does editing one instance of a composite flow function edit all instances?

I’m finally starting to use composite flow functions. I have a complex flow that needs to happen in many places in the app, so I’m excited at the prospect of now having to rebuild it each time (go AppGyver!).

So here’s the big question: If I make a chance to one instance of the flow function, does that change get propogated to all instances? 'Cause that would be pretty great…


Yes, it propagates to all instances, but only after you select Advanced > Overwrite local template in the isolation view. Before that the changes you make are specific to that Flow function instance.

Also, when you overwrite local template, it won’t propagate the changes to instances that have been modified (without overwriting local template). Those need to use Advanced > Revert to local template individually to have the changes available.

The local changes to a Flow function instance are indicated by * after the Flow function name.

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I hadn’t understood what any of those meant before :slight_smile: Thank you for the explanation @Tomi_Laakso!