Does gloval canvas support page variables?

I have events that if triggered all the logic runs in the global canvas. However, it doesn’t seem to recognize any Page Variable defined on Global canvas. Does that mean Global Canvas does not support page variables?

Did you figure this out? Looks like I’m having similar issue. I am trying to do a get request at startup and store it in a variable.

Hi Robert,

It does work. What doesn’t seem to work is the initial value set at the moment you add a variable to your app at the variables tab. So if you want to use, for example, a numeric variable with initial value equal to 0, you got to add a set page variable flow function to the beginning of your logic. Also, it seems that the page variables on the flow function will only be defined on the environment while running the logic in which the variable is used. So you cannot have two separate logic flow functions on the global canvas and use the value of a variable from one logic flow to the other, as it appears to reset the page variables each time the logic ends running. For that you would have to use an app variable.

Hi Alan,
That makes sense, but what I’m struggling with is, that I am doing a get request and storing it in an app variable at startup. I don’t have access to some records that are coming in from an api with spaces. For example:{'Full Name": 'Alan Alves"}. When I do get schema from Data variables it gets created ok but a custom property name with a space doesn’t work.