Does Recycler still work?


I have a repeating list which occasionally can have around 50+ entries, with an image for each. I’ve tried using recycler but it seems to make no difference, even if I adjust the offset to very low.

Am I missing something here?

Hi! I’m unsure from your post what you are expecting to happen and what isn’t happening. Are you experiencing poor performance and it’s not improving? Or is it something else?

Yes, poor performance and it makes no difference. Some one on here also mentioned using it with a scroll component. I’ve tried just about every combination.

Hi, I have same problem like you and can’t figure it out :frowning:

I just went to flutter flow and called it a day


@Steven_Ortiz , I’m also getting odd responses from Appgyver. How was the transition to FlutterFlow?

It’s night and day difference. For one and most importantly, there’s a ton of more features and built in widgets. There’s also a lot of video tutorials and support. They are constantly adding stuff where I’m getting the feeling appgyver is kind of dead and left alone for a while now since SAP is focusing on SAP integration. As for learning, it wasn’t bad because a lot of the things from appgyver like how api calls are made, parameters and variables work the same.

Another thing to consider is price, there is a free version you can use while you take your time developing. Even if you go to the pro 70/month, it may be worth the time saved alone.

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