Does the firebase connector not work with the iOS preview app?

Does the firebase connector not work with the iOS preview app? I can’t get it to work and don’t want to bang my head against the wall if it’s not expected to work.

Hi Jeff,

It does work up to a point. Are you using arrays?

Its actually a problem with authentication.
The error I’m getting is
Failed to Log In: Firebase has not been initialized properly, please do so using the Initialize Firebase flow function.

I have the Initialize Firebase, flow function on the global canvas. Authentication works perfectly on the web preview, does not work on the iOS preview.

I put an alert on the fail output on initialize firebase on global. It just says “Initializing Firebase Failed.”

(I saw the issues with arrays, puts a wrinkle into my plans, but not the problem here).

Ok, send me a few screen shots etc maybe I can assist.

I figured it out.
I needed to make an iOS app in Firebase as well as the web app

Also needed to set up the iOS set up the iOS Firebase connector in Appgyver.
iOS app ID → enter Firebase “App ID” value
iOS APIkey → enter Firebase “apiKey” value (find it under the firebase web app section)

And here’s the important part:
iOS client ID → enter Firebase “Encoded App ID” (find it under the firebase iOS app section)
If my App ID was “1:12345…” for example the Encoded App ID is “app-1-1234…”

Gosh they could make this easier for a no-code platform!

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