Does the regular pick files flow function work on iOS?

Im trying to go through the 132 errors in my iOS build. This is one of them and it seems to be referring to the file picker, but I am unsure.

Has anyone successfully build an iOS app with the regular file picker?

In module ‘Foundation’ imported from /private/var/folders/pf/p5g2vb2j0yx1x6vlmxdppc700000gn/T/440170-ios-254066/node_modules/react-native-blob-util/ios/ReactNativeBlobUtilFS.m:9:

  • (BOOL)createFileAtPath:(NSString *)path contents:(nullable NSData *)data attributes:(nullable NSDictionary<NSFileAttributeKey, id> *)attr;
    chunkRead = [asset getBytes:chunk fromOffset:[start longValue] + read length:chunkSize error:nil];
    In module ‘AssetsLibrary’ imported from /private/var/folders/pf/p5g2vb2j0yx1x6vlmxdppc700000gn/T/440170-ios-254066/node_modules/react-native-blob-util/ios/ReactNativeBlobUtilFS.h:21:
  • (NSUInteger)getBytes:(uint8_t *)buffer fromOffset:(long long)offset length:(NSUInteger)length error:(NSError **)error AL_DEPRECATED(4, “Use requestImageDataForAsset:options:resultHandler: on PHImageManager to request image data for a PHAsset from the Photos framework instead”);