Domain Option isnt available anymore but I have to make a change

"I cannot build my Web App because the domain Option isnt available anymore! " Ok I understand, but i have one big problem. I have my web app URL “” printed on my paper board game… any chance i can make a change and keep the url because i only have this URL (QRCode) printed on 3000 pieces. can anyone help me advise? I would be very grateful.

That would likely be between you and appgyver as its their url. Your basically asking them to host your app specifically.

The only other thing would be to host it online, then replace the qr code (i know thats not ideal).

Dear @Surface_Level tnx for your reply.

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Let me know your thoughts

It sounds like a good solution, but I’m wondering if you have already thought about the pricing policy, can you give an approximate price?

Hi there @Mevi & @Kirill_Leventcov would you be so kind as to help me find options or is it completely impossible given what @Surface_Level suggested it or can you arrange a redirect? can you direct me to whom to contact with this question? I will be glad for any information, tnx

I’ve sent you a message regarding your specific situation.

For further readers:

Whenever you host your application on a Free hosting or a hosting that provides you with an address, it is of your best interest to buy your own domain and either put a redirect to the hosting or create a “A DNS record” to it.

This way, if something happens to the hosting, you can always switch the record seamlessly for the user. This does not apply to exclusively, but to every other hosting solution there is.

@Kirill_Leventcov I see the appgyverapp domain is set to expire at the end of this year, do you know if Appgyver plan to renew this?

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As mentioned in the original announcement, all web deployments will be eventually shut down. Which means all apps hosted on will become unavailable.

@Kirill_Leventcov I understand this. I was asking if Appgyver plans to keep the url that is expiring, not if the deployments will be shut down. If the deployments are shut down, Appgyver can still keep the url.

Since it is expiring, I was considering purchasing it and trying to help the community host apps.

This domain is part of the AppGyver brand and company. We do intent to keep it to prevent potentially malicious activity. Imagine a threat actor were to purchase this domain and put up a phishing site.