Double-binding Selected Value not working on Dropdown

This is happening in the Appgyver Preview App. The web preview appears to be working fine. But experiencing the same problem in two apps.

Since I installed the recent updates last week, I noticed the dropdown fields will update binded variables, but will not refresh the selected value after updating the binded variable programmatically in another way.

App ID: 142668
App ID: 164030

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi! We just noticed something similar ourselves, so I think a fix for this should be coming!

Hi @Mevi,
do we know, when the fix will be ready? Or any estimation?
Thank you

As far as I understand, the fix should be in 2.4.27, which is currently in our internal testing. Depending on how that goes, it could already be out this week.

@Mevi, thanks, just saw the update mail from AppGyver - and now it is working !

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