Double-clicking problem

I’ve built my app and I noticed one bug/problem. When I double click button with open page logic, the next page opens twice, which looks ugly. Is there a way to get rid of this?

I believe you want Throttle probably.



Thank you, it is exactly what I wanted!

so we have to add a throttle for every open page event?? :roll_eyes:

This topic is covered here: UX Design
Indeed, you do have to add a throttle before an open page function that should open a page only once. Because, restricting the number of allowed clicks from the components side will introduce a great limitation. Development should provide as much freedom to the developer as possible, enabling use cases that may even sound ridiculous.

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Dang, that avatar generator paragraph on

this page of the docs is something I truly love. I’ve been thinking about things like this earlier than here it is. Keep up the good work with the docs updates. :pray:

Seems like I have to check back more frequently. :laughing: