Download and Export to file

I want to download a PDF then export to the file syetem. I have spent the last few days looking at this, and can not find how to do it.

Please help if you can.



Please do not duplicate your topics. It will not really help to get a quicker reply.

And about the question itself. Generating a pdf for download is a wide topic. There is no built-in support for that as you might have already found during your search.

The best way of solving it is to use some external API, such as or other alternatives. I personally support this website a lot, as they are doing a great job with a super simple api, which returns the generated pdf file. But to use this you first need to create an html file that they can convert to a pdf. (This can be easy or tough depending on how much experience have with HTML, and what is the end goal.)

Note that these require further reading and settings in order to make it fully work. I would suggest going to the

Website and search for pdf generator APIs, sign up there, and integrate one of the solutions to your application via the HTTP request flow function which you can install from the marketplace.

Or you might want to look up the Firebase Extensions PDFPlum.

I understand that this post is not a complete or detailed solution, but I just don’t have the resources to provide that.

Hi, thank you for your support.

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I put this in the other thread you made. I covered this in one of my videos here:

Hi I hope that you are well. Thanks for your support.