Download component not working?

I am building an app with a download button. The preview document works erfectly whie the download does not download anything on the device even if it does not trhow any error ? is this expected as i am still running from the AppGyver app and will work when the final application is built or should i do something different ?

It should work – what platform, device and OS version are you working on, just to get the full debug info? Can you share the URL to the page and tell use where the logic is at – with your permission, we could take a look at it? Note that the download API doesn’t present a native download dialog on mobile; it downloads the file behind the scenes and outputs the downloaded file object.

the page of my application is at

i have seen it working initially but it now does not more work.

if you see the logic is pretty simple: there is a confirm button whereas you press yes it shold download the file, while the No response would simply preview it.

Hi there! Have you been able to figure this out!? I seem to be having the same issue.

Thanks in advance