Download images from the app

Hi, I’m trying to use download files function but I can’t. I have consulted in the forum but I do not find the solution. I would like an image to be downloaded when you click a button. Can anyone tell me how I can do this? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!
Thank you very much to everyone for your help!

If you are using an Image component, there is no direct way to save the image to your device. BUT there is a trick (hack) that Ive done:

Put a Webview component on the same page but make it invisible. I just put it at bottom of page with 1 pixel Height, where it cant be seen. Maybe you could set Visible property to False and it would work but haven’t tried.

Next, set the Webview URL property = Image component source property (which should be a URL path), but add “?dl=true” to the end of the URL. So your Webview URL would be a formula like:
ImageURL + “?dl=true”

This will download the image to your Download folder.

There may be better ways now to do this, but last year this was the only way I could get an image to save on my device.

Hi John, thanks for your reply, but I can’t set the webview URL property with the image component, the answer is unavailable! What am I doing wrong?

You store the Image source URL into a Page variable. And then set the Webview URL = Page variable.

But now how do I link the download to the button?

You bind it to your Page variable

I’m trying but I can’t! :cry:. If it’s not too much to ask, could you teach me step by step? :pray: Sorry!