Download new build is becoming extremely slow

Downloading android build is becoming terribly slow. No matter what device I’m using, no matter what network I’m using

The countdown begins at 1 hour. And keep on increasing to 8 hours, 1 day and to the point that it becomes unlimited

What’s the point of having more unimportant function but the system is becoming more unusable due to being slow. Sigh.

I loved AppGyver. But it is becoming difficult to keep that love.

Hi @Izzuddin_Yussof, thanks for letting us know, it definitely shouldn’t be this way. We’ll look into what’s causing the slowness of the build service.

Could you make a ticket at for this, so we can put it on the backlog.

Thank you Mari for taking notice of this. I’ve submitted the tracker here

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Hi @Mari

Just to inform that AppGyver became normal again the past few days. But starting from today everything is slow again. From opening the composer, downloading the build, and opening the preview. I can’t even open my preview today.

Could you please ask the team that may be making changes that made the speed slow again today to repair it back please