Download Test App to my Android

I have created an “App” in Composer and Launched it to run on my screen. It uses only appVars and pageVars. It is a Squash Tournament Admin App and gets inputs of Participants and gives a Schedule and allows entry of game scores. Gives Wins Points and Ranking info for the Tournament. I’m happy with the Screen Test but would like to test run it on my Android phone, could anybody advise on how to do this ? I have loaded AppGyver preview app but could not get past “Pin code” etc. I want it to be a free app for anybody to use but have no idea how to get it onto a phone. Not too Tech Savvy so the Play Store youtube video I watched was way too complicated for me ( Keystore and Privacy etc ). Thank you, Wayne.

Hi, there’s 3 different steps here:

  1. Android Preview App: lets you see how the app would work in your phone, recommended while developing. To open your app in the AppGyver Preview, reveal the QR code on “Launch” tab and scan it with the preview app:

  1. Creating an Android build (actual app): For this step you’ll need to create a keystore file as outlined here: Android Builds - AppGyver. In this step you’ll also be able to add app icons and a splash screen for your app. You can download this build on your Android phone to test how it works without putting it on the play store, by just downloading the file to your phone.

  2. Releasing the build to Play Store: When you are happy with your app and how the build works on your phone, you can release it on the Play Store for others to download.

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Hi Mari,

Thank you for your response.

The Andrid Previw App did not work for me ( possible that I’m not executing 100% ? )

QR code says invalid or expired.

Pin code generation does not complete / work

I tried entering the URL manually inputting from my screen, but would refresh and change before I could complete it,

I will keep on trying, will look further into your points 2 and 3.

The keystore and privacy statement thing looked very “Red Tape” bound but will look again.

As I’m not requesting any info, hoping not required.

Hope if after trying again, if I have not succeeded, I could send you another e-mail.

Thank you, Wayne



Hi Mari,

Going through the Android Builds instructions you sent the link to.

Quite a lot to read through and write out so I saw the “Export option”

Tried it but received the error message that I’ve sent a screen shot for.

Do you perhaps have a satellite office / agent / support person in Cape Town or Bellville, South Africa ?

When I substitute my selected name for my-app-name, must I use hyphens ( I want to call it Flash Squash, must I use flash-squash )

I’m sure you can tell I’m totally new to all this tech language

Hoping to get there eventually, Wayne.