Downloading/exporting the source code?

Is it possible to download the source code for an app built in Composer?

I’m concerned about two scenarios:

  1. Composer being down, or unavailable, or the company folding or getting hacked.
  2. Needing to implement or fix something that can’t be done inside Composer.

Obviously in both of these cases it’s a one-way trip and I wouldn’t expect to be able to upload the source code again. But it seems pretty key to me to have that ability!

  1. The fact that they have enough cash to offer this service for free is a pretty good sign they are not struggling financially. :slight_smile: The company has been around 10+ years.

  2. You can custom code using JS in the logic flows, use micro services via direct API, or another backend provider such as backendless or Xano.

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  1. Indeed, but I feel there’s a point somewhere well before $10mm revenue past which it would be unwise to be totally at the mercy of one vendor. And I’m sure they’d be happy to charge before you hit $10mm, but is export possible even then?
  2. Yep, that’s all good, but I mean a complete buildable source tree. Say there was an issue that was a critical priority for me but not for AppGyver, theoreticaly I could hire a React Native contractor and hand them the source and ask them to fix it. And obviously I would then be stuck outside of AppGyver until it was also fixed there, but depending on the situation that might be a good trade off.

One issue is that the code is actually machine-generated snd mostly unreadable to humans. So even if you did have it it would be mostly impossible to edit or modify beyond its current state. This was what i had read Harri mention before.

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I get where you’re coming from, but in the words of @Harri_Sarsa:

Source: Code export for local edits / compilation?

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How can we download code ?

Other than downloading the compiled builds, it isn´t possible, as per the discussion above.

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