Downloading image then sharing to my instagram feed

Hello all,

How would I go about first downloading an image/video from my amazon S3 domain, then load the same image/video into Instagram feed. It will be a similar action as sharing a picture using the common share button found on devices. I understand that once its loaded onto the IG feed, I have to continue the process of actually completing the post.

You can use the frontend logic component " Download files" (Search in the marketplace) to download the file.

Don’t know how to share.

Thank you. Can any on guide me on how to then share the video/image onto instagram?

Does anybody else have any ideas how to initiate share image with instagram?

Hmmm not sure, you could try “Open native share dialog” flow function?

Thank you Mevi. For “Download files” On Android, the output doesn’t provide the filename as described on the attached. Can you update this logic component?

In addition, When I check the com.appgyver.agclient folder, I dont see the downloaded file.

Hi! I reported the filename / download files issue, we’re looking at it and seeing if it’s something that we can fix quickly or will take longer.

Regarding the download folder, it should apparently be in the system default download folder, wherever that may be. The path should be in the outputs. You can move it to a different folder with the Filesystem flow functions.