“Draw Signature” flow function: canvas does not allow to draw anything

Hi Guys,

I’m testing my App with the SAP AppGyver Preview in an Android 11, Realme GT Pro.

Although the SAVE an RESET buttons appear, when I’m trying to draw on the canvas it doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Best option is to get another phone to test if it’s the phone or the programming

If you made any changes to the subscription function, you can send a picture of your logic blocks and I’ll test it for you

But if you didn’t change the “Draw Signature” function, then I think it would be the compatibility with your mobile

Thank you for you prompt response! I haven’t changed anything. I’m just tried the draw signature as is in a very basic logic. Can you please verify that I’ve installed the correct flow function from the market (attached)? I also attach in the same file the basic logic (a button tap just triggers the signature flow component).

follow these steps to see what happens:

1-Create a variable list of objects with 2 objects, 1-path, 2-size.
2-Connects the “set page variable(your list of objects)” with the first output of the function
3-Change the values ​​like this in the photo (Output value of another node)

4- Add a image in the screen and change your value like this in the photo

Thank you for your recommendations! Before following your recommendations I did a final trial; I put my finger anywhere in the screen and I noticed that the digital signature finally works but only for a small part of the screen…
In the attached screen the painted area is the part of the screen that is “editable”. It’s just a small part of the screen actually. The rest of the screen can not edited.

make this:

1- selecting the Draw Signature function press ‘Enter’
2- you will see ‘Edit subflow template’
3- select the ‘JS Draw signature’ function then press ‘Enter’ to open the node and view the underlying code.

const { supersonic } = inputs;
try {
const res = await supersonic.api.signature.open({ aspectRatio: 1 }); (change it)
(after that save and test)

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I tried that and it works perfectly now! Congratulations for your expertise and thank you once again for your time!

you’re welcome, you can call whenever you want, I’ll answer when I can