"Draw Signature" flow function: canvas does not expand on full screen

The “draw signature” flow function does not stretch over the full available space in landscape. Instead it uses the dimensions like in portrait orientation.

This results in a poor UX, because the space is just too small to write a full name. Please have a look on the pictures below: the name ‘Alan Turing’ is already too long for the canvas. And there are much longer names out there, just think of someone who signs as Meriadoc Brandybuck…

Is there a hack to have the canvas stretch over the full available space?
Anyone else who ran into this issue before?

Added the topic as feature request to the tracker:
“Draw Signature” flow function: expand canvas on full screen | Voters | AppGyver

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Hi! Nothing specific to help your current situation, but we are beginning a go-through of our components and flow functions soon, and this will include updates and improvements to the signature flow function as well – as far as I understand, the current signature plugin is locked into the portrait width on iOS because of some problem with layouting that was previously (no clue because I haven’t looked into that) but Android expands more nicely.


Hi @Mevi, are there any news about the go-through of the components since then? It is still essential to unlock the width on iOS. :eyes:

I haven’t gotten to flow functions yet, but I’m more than halfway through the improvements to components so flow functions are on the menu soon :smile:

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@stayfoolish Edit the JS flow-function and set the aspect ration to 1. This fixed the empty space issue for us :slight_smile:

const { supersonic } = inputs;
try {
const res = await supersonic.api.signature.open({ aspectRatio: 1 });
if (res.didCancel) {
return [1];
return [0, { signatureFile: { path: res.signatureFile.pathName } }];
} catch (error) {
if (error.code === ‘platformNotSupported’) {
return [2, {
error: {
code: ‘platformNotSupported’,
message: ‘This platform is not supported’,
rawError: error,
return [2, {
error: {
code: ‘unknown’,
message: ‘Unknown error occured while drawing the signature.’,
rawError: error,


Thank you for sharing this option! How do you get into the JS-editing mode of a flow function?

@stayfoolish Drop the flow component onto the logic canvas, then after selecting the Draw Signature function press ‘Enter’ > you will see ‘Edit subflow template’ > select the ‘JS Draw signature’ function then press ‘Enter’ to open the node and view the underlying code.


Setting the code like described above:

const res = await supersonic.api.signature.open({ aspectRatio: 1 });

results on iOS in a behaviour with full screen available for portrait-screen, but not for landscape screen. Also it hides in landscape a part of the signature taken in portrait.

portrait - full screen available for signature:

landscape - only half screen available for signature:

Also setting the value for aspectRatio to “2” or “3” doesn’t improve the landscape mode.

As the landscape mode makes sense for taking a signature, unfortunately this hack is still not solving the problem :no_mouth:.

Hi @Mevi,
today there were several updates to components in Composer. Does it your go-through of components is doing well and the ‘draw signature’ is about to hop on the menu soon :smile: ?

Unfortunately it looks like that’s going to be some time longer :sweat_smile: Almost all the view components have been gone through (it’ll take some versions for the changes to be released) but it seems like there’s additional enabling development required from another team before flow functions can be worked on :cry:

Hi Mevi, is there some progress regarding the fixing of the ‘draw signature’ flow function? The current version is just impractical.

Not as of yet, the enablement of the flow function development was pushed back over the major rewrite of our plugin structure, but it’s under work again as far as I know. And when that is available it’ll still be a while of course, since we have to do the change and have it released in a version of the Preview App first etc.

Hi @Mevi ,
in the “monthly update for May-June” you are mentioning, that Flow function improvements have now been unblocked, and work on them is starting.
Does it mean that the ‘draw signature’ flow function is about to be adjusted now?

Hi @Chris_Revell ,

some time ago you shared a hack to expand the signature pad on full portrait screen. :vertical_traffic_light:

Were you able to figure out, how to capture a signature on the full landscape screen as well? :traffic_light:

I am still desperately hoping for a solution to the current User Experience fail.


Unfortunately not :frowning: we may need to await the component update

I agree, if you find something, share it with us.

@stayfoolish after the vacations (now) we have a team put together to work on the finalization of e2e plugins – there’s still stuff to be figured out in regards to the whole end to end flow of developing flow functions in this new system, buuuut we’ll get there. And I will definitely be working on draw signature once the pipeline is open :sweat: thanks for being so patient.


Hi Mevi,

hope you had a great time and charged your batteries :battery:!

Thank you for sharing this outlook. I really hope for that update of the draw signature flow function. Please keep us in the loop, as soon as we get one step closer :footprints: