Draw Signature tutorial

Hi All,

I tried Draw signature - Composer but I could not understand. For 1., how do I open a view that allows the user to draw signature? Does it mean webview?

Steps to draw Signature:

1.Opens a view that allows the user to draw a signature.

2.If the user closes the view by clicking Save, the first output is triggered.

3.If the user closes the view in some other way, the second output is triggered.

4.If an error occurs, the third output is triggered.

5.The signature image file is saved in a temporary folder. You can use the Move file flow function to move it to a preferable location.

Could anyone help out?


Draw Signature can be found in the flow functions market place, and then you can use it via the logic canvas. For example, add it after a button’s Component tap event, so when the button is tapped the draw signature dialog opens. Nothing is needed in the layout of the app, only the flow function will do the job :slight_smile:

Great! I have 1 more issue. When I am using appgyver ios app to preview, it works great. Currently, I have downloaded the ios ipa and uploaded to apple store via transporter. However, the testflight shows quite a bit of errors which I do not experience in Appgyver ios preview.

Could you kindly advise me what is the best way to debug? Which preview should I use to do my testing before I upload to appstore?

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Hey! What kind of errors are you seeing? This would be a bug in our part, there should be no difference in the preview version and the actual built stand-alone app. If you let me know all the differences then we can fix the building service on our part to make sure this doesn’t happen again :slight_smile:

This will be great. Currently, my build is still in queue. I am unable to do a test on testflight but I will show you when it occurs.

Could I check if this is normal? Would it be able to finish today?


The delay is due to the build service issue that is now fixed, unfortunately I don’t have an estimation on how long the queues are :confused:

No worries. Let’s wait. =)