Drop down field

i cant pu the same value with a diffrent label in dropdown field, is that bug or im missing somthing
i have to put a same value with a diffrente lablel.

You mean:
Label A with value “test”
Label B with same value “test”

yes for example :

EUR : 211
USD : 211
GBP : 220

it will show the 3 but when you select USD it will show EUR cuz they have the same value and EUR is the first in the list

Allocate those values to variables and bind the labels and the values of the dropdown field to those vars.
Report the component as a bug because well, although there’s almost always a “workaround” this is not what no code is about, especially for a simple component like dropdown which should be set up in minutes.

no matter what you do if the value is the same you will have that problem

You should not have the same problem.
Other no code tools having such dropdown widget or component are able to differentiate two same values based on indexes.
Maybe that’s something you can build with the right page variable…