Drop down menue dislplays only 3 values even though I difined 5 of them, plus I need 5

I chose both dop down menues and inserted 5 values (regional selection) to them. Only 3 are displayed in the app. tried everything. Does anbody have an idea, how to get my five? Thanks.

You should provide some images so that the community when they see your question will be easy to solve your concerns. Since we do not know if you are taking the data from a Rest API, or it was created from some variable.

Please show the content of the options…

While the community can analyze your question, remember to do the tutorial and pass all the exercises, otherwise someone from the community when they answer you, you know what it refers to, because in the tutorial they touch on the topic you want to know. That’s why it’s important to do the tutorials.

I did all the tutorials and passed them, however I did it on another mashine. The only question I have, is what the properties of this dropdown menu are and how, if I included 5 values only 3 apear in the app. Is it limited to three, any woraround or choose a different way. Well can’t be that hard.

Hi @Roland_Holtz,

I have just checked and the dropdown component is showing 5 or more entries:


I have done nothing but input values in the ‘Option lit’ property.
Also, you can see the problem on one of the screenshots you shared:


Thanks Kirill,
I will work on it ASAP and come back.

Just an observation about your response to the tutorials: Correct, but it doesn’t matter where you open AppGyver Composer, even if you change PCs or browsers and delete cookies, it will always save the percentage where it was left :blush:

Well it should because it’s a client server application.

Thanks Kirill,
Thanks this solved the Problem.

  1. I difined 5 labels
  2. I added a value to each one

Now it is working. Well it is just the second day I am working with this mighty tool. Losts to find out about. Is there a manual for Appgyver, I could not find it, was searching all over.

Kind regards Roland

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Solution found thanks to Kirill.

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Hope this helps:

Thanks Kirrll,

I found it and will go on from here.

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