Drop down text for tearms and Areements

for terms and agreements, I need a drop-down box with text, I used the drop-down field but that seems to be for questions only, I also tried dragging a paragraph into it but it don’t allow me to do that. anyone know how to create one?

If you need a textbox which will hide/unhide the T&C,

add a container with fixed Height. say container1 give it a background and a paragraph below the container. (not inside) say paragraph1. This paragraph wil contain your T&C text.

create a page variable t_c_visible. It should be a boolean(true/false) variable with initial value set to true.
bind the paragraph1 visibility to t_c_visible

On the ontap event, for the container, use the set Page variable to set the value of t_c_visible to a formula.
This is your formula