Dropdown chevron

How can the chevron (downarrow) on the dropdowns be removed. I’m finding it impossible to line up with the new styles system (not a complaint). But it would be easier just to remove them.


You can edit a composite component using this button.

I’ve found however that under the Android operating system, it places a down arrow irrespective of one actually existing within AppGyver - I suspect that Google detects a drop-down field and places a default arrow that cannot be removed.

We ended up not using the compost component because of this and built our own drop-down.

I don’t know if this helps, but was at least our experience.

Thank you for the replay and the effort of capturing an image, but the image you have shown is from a list item.
The dropdown doesn’t give the option of making the arrow visible.


Sorry the image was just to provide an example of the edit composite component element.

The drop-down component also has this button, which is were you will locate the down arrow icon. As mentioned though, once the arrow icon is removed Android still displays an arrow for some reason???

I may be misinterpreting your initial issue, sorry if so. Others perhaps can jump in and provide assistance.

Hi @Chris_Revell your not misinterpreting at all. But I simply can’t see the option to select or de-select the down arrow in the component dropdown style.