Dropdown field in Android

Hello everyone!

I put to the container dropdown field. But dropdown icon in Android looks like this:

How to solve this problem?

Hi! Sorry for the belated answer. Are you still experiencing this? I mainly use iOS so I haven’t seen this before :thinking: What version of the AppGyver preview app are you using?

I uploaded my app to the Play Market, when i download it, it shows me that…
Yeap, in IOS everything is Okay.

Hmm… Well, in any case, if we need to fix this, it will need to be done on 2.X instead of 1.X as your app probably is. Please try in a build made with 2.X if you still experience this issue, and if yes, please show me the structure of the dropdown field that you’re using!

Hi @Mevi!

I am also wondering if it’s possible to hide the dropdown icon:

(In this example, my container is narrow enough that the icon is getting pushed to below.)

This uses the primitive dropdown–not the composite component. I have been able to get the icon to disappear in other places by making the container too small for it to fit, but it’s not working out as well in this spot.

(Note: I might have started with the composite component and then deleted everything but the primitive. I can’t remember. Wanted to mention in case that makes a difference.)

That was it. I tried putting a new primitive dropdown component in, and although it let me select a font, it would not display in that font. Then I tried a new composite dropdown component, and when I changed the font, it displayed it accordingly.

Moral of the story: If you want to style it, use the composite component.

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