Dropdown Field - List of categories to select from

Hi there, I am new to developing. I am wanting to use the dropdown field. The title of the dropdown is Categories.
I have 7 categories that I want users to be able to choose from. When the user clicks on their chosen category, I want the user to be navigated to that page.

For some reason, what appears to be a very simple idea has become a confusing task.
Can I please have some help with resolving this.

Thank you in advance,

Hi! Unfortunately Open page does not accept formulas at the moment, which is why this is more complicated than it would need to be. See e.g. this thread for more ideas: How to make a "dynamic" open page command? - #8 by Mazen_Al-Sakkaf

Hi Mevi, thank you for this. I’ll be sure to give it a go!