Dropdown field not waiting for DONE press in iOS

I have a dropdown field populated with a bunch of baseball teams from an API. I want the user to select a team and then I will display the players by running a different API call.

But the control on the phone does not wait for me to press the Done button but as soon as the dial slows down enough it will choose that value. How do I get it to wait for the Done press or how do I detect the Done press?

I have iPhone 8 Plus, latest iOS, no controls need updating

i have a Ipad 5°gen and works perfecly

my dropbox stays open until I press on the screen (outside the dropbox) or press on Done

I tested it on iPad 9th generation and it also does not wait for me to press DONE button … perhaps that is the way it is supposed to work, but it seems it should wait for me to press DONE