Dropdown field selected value MUST be text?

I’m trying to bind a page variable to the selected value of a dropdown field, but it forces me to set my page variable type to “text”. I can’t use a number variable.

Does anyone know why? Am I doing something wrong, or is there a logic reason why a dropdown value can’t be a number?

I ultimately want to save this number to a database, and if I don’t set the type to number, it ends up being saved with quotes as a string.

to get over that issue, you can do the same thing, but this time binding it in the formula.
otherwise, you can change the page variable type to any text

Is this what you mean? It gives me an error. I wonder if it will let me do it anyways…

If I change the variable to any text, I wonder if it will still wrap the number in quotes when saved to the database… hmmm.

yeah, you can ignore that error

that sound logical so let it as it is

Thanks for the help. Looks like simply using the formula to force the number variable works, and it saves as a number in the database. I appreciate it.

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