Dropdown: how it works?

Hi guys,

I am using AppGyver from 1 month and with all the videos/guides/tutorials that I have found online I was able to build my first app, but, now I am blocked with this Dropdown field and I am not able to feed it automatically. I followed many topics/video/tutorials like this:

Populate Dropdown field
How to Fetch data from data resource using dropdown list?
Creating new pages connected to Dropdown List

This is my test page with dropdown field:

My data are retrieved correctly as you can see below:

I call the method on Page mounted and then i set also the page variable (maybe it is not required this):

But when i MAP the list to the dropdown all seems good, except an alert in yellow:

And the dropdown field label and value dosn’t have the possibility to use formula (it sound strange to mee):

This is the final result:

What i do wrong?


Hi, anyone can help me?

I know that i am gonna rage someone with this but this is the truth about my request: very useful to have a support forum where none support you after almost 24h.

Hey man, haven’t looked at your full writeup, but sounds similar to what I was having issues with recently. Have a look at this thread below for guidance, obviously won’t be exaaaactly what you need, but with a bit of fiddling to fit it to your dataset its the MAPping that is required to get a list to work.

ie. mapping the resultant data into the labels (What is seen on the frontend) of the dropdown, and setting an appropriate value (what you’ll pass to whatever’s next based on the selection, which might even be exactly the same as the label)

Thank you @DevonUlly, but is the first link in my post.
I followed it but without success. I do something wrong but I don’t know what.
So I need help from ‘expert’ of this platform, maybe they have the quick and right answer to my errors.

I obviously skimmed too fast. It looks to me like you’re trying to put an integer mc_id into the value and value is expected to be a string.

You’ll need to either cast that to the text datatype, looks like concatenating with nullstring “” clears the error, whether that then translates to functional populating of the list, I don’t know; Or you could possibly do it when retrieving the records by changing your schema to tell it that the data it is pulling is to used as a string not a number.

so either you could try fiddle and change your map to : MAP … value:item.mc_id + “”})

or DATA->GetMedicalCenters->Get Collection->Schema->mc_id->Value type->Text

worth a shot, if it doesn’t work, I’m sure an expert from the community will come across this at some point and as soon as they have a gap could point us in right direction.


with this trick seems to work, but i need to test, i will let you know, thanks

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