Dropdown Label - How Can I turn text to number?

Hey guys! I developed a calculator for Health Professionals using AppGyver and Ucalc (form maker). Unfortunately the form maker (html) depends on the user internet and It s a little buggy. Now, I am trying remaking all the calculations just using AppGyver.

In most of these calculations, user has to choose an option (i.e female/male, sedentary/active). I tried to put the selection using dropdown label. I have to attribute a numer value for each option. But unfortunately, dropdown label accept only text variables.

How can I make a list using Dropdown Label and attribute different number values for the elements of the list? For example: sedentary (1), active (2), very active (3). I need change the value (text) as number to apply in formulas.

Have another set of variable that are numeric and set by event change flow function. They can be set based on on the values in the text variables.

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