Dropdown logic please

Please advise me how to set the drop-down menu logic.

I need, when I select “BS” from the list to be switched to the “BS” page and when I select “PT” to switch to the “PT” page or other pages.
It doesn’t work for me and it still switches me to the same “BS” page
I am a beginner

Hi! Sorry that the answer is very late. I would probably do this by converting the dropdown into a container from within the isolation mode > advanced menu (open composite in isolation mode by double clicking). As a container you can easily access the internal events, such as onChange, and navigate to whatever is selected in the dropdown (tie the value of the dropdown to a page variable to access it easily).

Do you get what to do from this explanation or would you like me to go into further detail? :slight_smile:

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Could I ask you for more details? I converted the dropdown to a container but I have no idea how to set the parameters. Currently it opens all the pages that are connected to onChange

Thank you for your answer

Sure! Here’s a simple setup. It’s not as smooth as I hoped, but it works.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 10.11.49

The problem I found is that the onChange happens before the user has closed the dropdown. I don’t know how to prevent this yet, so I added a debounce as a workaround. If this isn’t good for you, You could make the page open happen on a button press instead.