Dropdown placeholder bug

HI, this is a recent occurrence that was not happening previously with the dropdown component. When the placeholder text is bound to a data variable, the dropdown defaults to the first value in the list.

This is an issue as I need the variable the selected value is bound to to be empty on load. Not sure why this started happening. I’ll report this in the tracker as well.


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Hi, thanks for the post, we’ll follow up on the issue in the tracker.

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Yes, I’m having the same issue after updating and its really disruptive to my design and work flow. Hopefully this gets remedied immediately as the bulk of my applications in development are form related.

Just in case you haven’t seen the temporary workaround:

Hey, it seems like there is a bug that the dropdown selects the first item from the dropdown if the placeholder text is undefined
You can add a simple workaround for this by making the placeholder the a formula and adding
DEFAULT(dataVars.variable.value, “Loading…”)
This way if loading of the data variable takes some time, the placeholder would never be