Dropdown Properties | Please Help

I wanted to know how I can create a dropdown property for my flow function like the one showed below!

you can use this component

and you can add options from here

What you are telling me is for the Dropwown to be in the app what I am saying is a dropdown Property for a flow function which can be see in a flow function’s properties

oh that simply doesnt exist, you cant make your own property

You can make your own property for a flow function that you publish on appgyver but I am wondering there are some flow functions that I installed that hare having properties like a dropdown where you choose an option for that property how is that…

I never heard about that and i dont know if its possible, how do you do this?
All the flow functions i know are made from appgyver.

Ohh wait, are you talking about composite component property?? Because thats totally different and its possible.

Maybe how to use that property that you just named?

when you have a composite component, you go here

and then by going there you can add properties

but this doesnt work with all components only with composite components

I think what you are talking about is not what I am talking about. Anyways thanks

Have you turned that flow function into a “new flow function”??

The logic for creating that is almost the same as Dimos told You already. But it is on the logic canvas.
Choose Your logic flow or multiple logic flows and on the right side at the properties tab you will see either “Create a new flow function” or “Turn into new flow function”.
After that by double clicking on the new flow function will bring up a canvas like this:

The name will be different for sure, but I just show for example purpose.
On this image You can see “Edit properties” button in the top right corner of the logic canvas. That is where you can set input properties.

To make it a dropdown You need to set the input property type to “Allow only specific items (enum)”. After that you can add your items that can be choosen in the dropdown. Shown in the image below:

The result is this:

So You have now the property “variable” as a list of specific values that are text. You have to play around in the “Edit properties” tab to make it fit Your needs. But this “enum” is the way to go.

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Where do I find this in the edit properties thing?

“Allow only specific values (enum)”

Ya but how do I open that box which has the option “allow specific values (enum)”

I found it! Thank you for the help!

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