Dropdowns have changed


I have a few dropdowns that are amended and saved as a component ‘BY ME’…and they look like this:

I actually have a few different components but they are essentially the same. Looking at my app in preview today, for all of the different components, as above, the numbers are no longer displaying correctly. I can just see the bottom of each number, almost like it is aligned = top

What is confusing is I did not adjust these different components. How has it happened? It concerns me the app seems to have changed without me doing anything. I know we all think this at some stage and then realise it was something we did…but checking my History I dont think I have. And a tip on how to fix it would be handy to, though should be able to figure that out.

OK, an update. I can see a bug fix went in for Dropdowns in Android which is now causing the above formatting issues. The dropdowns are perfectly unchanged in IOS. But I now have a problem, as soon as I get them looking acceptable in Android preview, they are out of alignment in IoS.

@Paul_Mc Could you share a screenshot of the structure of this custom component that you have? What’s the ID of your app and which page is this component on?

Thanks Mari

Have been looking at this…I just couldn’t amend the existing component and get it to work, so I started again and re did them, and it looks OK. Just replacing them all now, on the app. Just one of those things…