Dropdowns not agreeing when using nav menu

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I have a problem that seems like a bug, but wanted to check if there’s anything I’m forgetting. This has nothing to do with today’s big update, as this was failing before that.

I have a drop-down on one of my main pages that allows me to choose a sort method from a drop-down list. This bound to an app variable of type “text”.

On another page (a Settings page), I have an identical control bound to the same app variable with the same options list. This is so all the user options are all presented on one page, but you can also change the setting on the page where it’s used.

The problem I have is that depending on how you navigate between these two pages, the controls may or may not stay in sync (even though they are both bound to the same app variable).

If I navigate between the main and settings page using navigation menu, then changes made on one page will usually not be shown correctly on the other page.

If, instead, I give the user the ability to navigate to the settings page using a button (and an Open Page flow control), and the ability to go back using back button, then the 2 controls will always agree. In other words, make change to control on main page, then navigate to settings page and the control will correctly show the new state. Change it there and navigate back, and the control on the main page will reflect the recent change. Etc.

Not sure what’s going wrong, but it appears that the control(s) on a page don’t refresh when you navigate to it using the nav menu. Is this true? Is there a way to force one or more controls to refresh?

@Mari @Mevi I have created a simple test app that demonstrates this if you’d like to see this in action. #304197

Hi, it indeed sounds like a bug that the tabs are not in sync (the first tab doesn’t get the updated value of the app variable when it’s focused), thanks for reporting!

Here’s a workaround while we’re on it: On “Page focused” event, add a “Set app variable” node where you simply assign the app variable to itself. This will trigger the app variable value on that page to update to its current value when the page focuses.

Thanks for the workaround idea. It seems to do the job for now. Much appreciated

I should mention that I don’t think this problem is specific to dropdowns. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen stale data on other components when navigating between tabs, but never was able to reproduce it in such a simple test app

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